1 Client setup

1.1 Access Settings/Security, touch Find My Phone;

1.2 Use your BlackBerryMobile account to log in and get BlackBerryMobile authorization;

1.3 If your mobile phone client is not set to use wireless network positioning, a pop-up dialog box will open to remind the user to set location services;

1.4 Set secure mobile phone number and device name;

1.4.1 Secure mobile phone number: the phone will record this number when the Find My Phone function is open; the phone will send a message to inform this number when it detects any change in the SIM card;

1.4.2 Device name: the default is the phone model name. The user can modify this in order to easily identify the corresponding mobile terminal from the online interface.

2 Web login

Log-in online via your BlackBerryMobile account, enter the Find My Phone home page after BlackBerryMobile authorization is complete. Your BlackBerryMobile account must be synchronized with your mobile terminal. Please ensure that your mobile's Find My Phone function is open before logging in online.

3 Find My Phone function introduction

3.1 Model status display

The web client requires a BlackBerryMobile account to log into the Find My Phone home page. The account shows all mobile devices along with their current status. They can also be controlled from here.

3.2 Tencent map positioning

After logging into the web client, a position request message will be sent to your mobile. When your mobile reports its location to the server, the location will be displayed on the map. If the server doesn't receive the position information in 1 minutes that means the location attempt has failed. You can click refresh button to try again.

3.3 Ringing function

From the online interface, touch the ringing button, which will ring a bell and send instructions to your mobile; your mobile receives these instructions and rings a bell at maximum volume, followed by an alarm prompt dialog box which appears on the home screen. The bell will stop when the mobile user responds to the prompt. If there is no response, the bell will automatically stop after 5 minutes.

3.4 Screen lock function

Click on the screen lock button to access the online screen lock interface.

3.4.1 Set screen lock password

Set the lock screen password and send instructions to your mobile while online. After receiving the order from the online interface the screen on your mobile will be locked and a message will appear on the online interface to indicate that the process is successful. Afterwards, your phone can be unlocked using the password.

3.4.2 Set screen lock information

While online you can set the information which will be displayed on your mobile's screen when you send a screen lock instruction. The mobile's screen will then lock showing the information you have entered.

3.4.3 Set the security number screen lock

While online you can set the information which will be displayed on your mobile's screen when you send a screen lock instruction. Users can dial the number you provide directly from the locked screen.

3.5 Data erase function

While online, click the erase button to open the erase interface. After receiving this instruction from the web client, data will be erased from your mobile, including Contacts, SMS and Photos. If the command is successful, an online dialog box will appear indicating it.

3.6 Quick shot function

3.6.1 The concept of photo upload

If the screen lock is activated on your mobile's device settings, the camera will take a picture after failed attempts to unlock it. The picture will be taken using both front and rear cameras and the shot will then be uploaded to a Find My Phone server.

3.6.2 Photo display

While online,click on the Quick shot button. You can then browse uploads of the latest 10 photos.

3.6.3 Photo export

While online,click export button. You can export photos to your local machine.

3.7 Send SMS when SIM card changes

When the Find My Phone service is open, the phone will send a notification message to a preset stand-by mobile phone to notify that the SIM card has been changed or if a new SIM card has been inserted. This function does not need to be set up from the online interface.


4.1 Can the same BlackBerryMobile account manage several mobiles?

Yes,many mobile phones can use the Find My Phone service from the same BlackBerryMobile account. Use your BlackBerryMobile account to log in to the Find My Phone web server, enter the home page, and this will display the status of all devices associated with the Find My Phone service set from that BlackBerryMobile account.

4.2 Why does my mobile fail to open the Find My Phone service?

Please ensure that your network connection is OK before opening the Find My Phone service. An abnormal network connection or failure to connect to the server may produce an error.Try again later after network stability has been restored.

4.3 How do I close the Find My Phone service?

Mobile close Find My Phone service also needs through account certification, and the use of accounts must be open and Find My Phone services at the same account.

4.4 Why does my position fail to appear on maps?

A position failure indicates that online interface has not received the necessary location information. This may be due to either network problems or your mobile failing to launch the necessary location services.

Your mobile can be located in two ways: by wireless network positioning and by GPS. Please open the wireless network positioning function in advance by going to Settings - > Security directory and opening Using a wireless network.

4.5 Why is my mobile shown as offline after logging into the web server?

Your mobile has shut down and can't connect to the Internet.

4.6 Why can't I see any photos online after many phone unlock errors?

Please make sure that your mobile is set to connect to the internet, either through 3G or Wi-Fi when the Find My Phone service is open.